aLmigHty kEy

In Kpop on May 18, 2009 at 8:46 am

* His hometown is Daegu (South Korea).
* He is the “middle” SHINee member.
* His stage name is Key because he likes to solve things.
* He is a dog lover! (He has a pet dog back at home.)
* He is the “triple-threat” in SHINee– he is gifted with skills in singing, rapping, & dancing. Hence his ‘Almighty’ title.
* He is very talkative & out-going.
* He does not like fermented soybean stew.
* He wears contacts/glasses.
* He likes Spongebob Squarepants.
* He has a total of five ear-piercings.
* He has a pair of key & lock (mismatched) earrings.
* He can speak (but is not necessarily fluent in) a total of 4 languages– Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, & English. (The other SHINee members say that his M. & E. skills are the most proficient among them all.)
* He has quick reflexes (reactions).
* He likes to watch dramas/movies.
* He likes photography.
* He keeps a journal/diary.
* He (sort of) cooks & does chores; he is known as Key umma (Korean term for “mother”).
* He auditioned for SM Entertainment in 2005 and again in 2006. During his 2nd audition, only 2 people were to be accepted; he was one of them.
* He was a Daegu water sports (water-skiing) representative during his junior high days.
* He practices his facial expressions in front of a mirror.
* He studied in Los Angeles, California (USA) when he was younger.
* He does not know how to wash rice.
* He takes very good care of his belongings.
* He is known as one of SHINee’s most fashionable members.
* He is good at imitating other people/things.
* He is afraid of heights.
* He likes AND hates horror movies at the same time.
* He shares a bunk-bed with SHINee member MinHo. He takes the top bunk while MinHo takes the bottom.
* He can pull-off wearing pink.
* He loves cameras; he is good at spotting them. (He has a “camera-radar.”)
* He would like to visit Taiwan one day.
* Loved ones he often gives thanks to are his parents & grandmother.


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